Friday, March 18, 2011

The white budgie

A mysterious white budgie has made its way into my blog. If you look around, you may be able to spot him a few times.

Where he comes from, I do not know. But I've seen him doing a few extraordinary things for a budgie:
  • Cooking pasta
  • Playing the piano while singing, like Elton John.
  • Laughing at people's jokes 

And most recently, taking a shower in a tiny bathroom:

Even the little bath duckie is there. Hope the water will be nice and warm.
I tried to catch him, but he was as fast as an arrow. He was already on the window sill when I asked him how he could do all those remarkable things, and what he was doing in my blog.

Now, here's what he said, before he took off to a big budgie gathering with millet and fruit juice:

"If you give me a good name, I will come back and tell you the secret of my success."

I came up with a few good names, but I can't really decide what the budgie would like best. That is why I made a new poll. Until he returns, you will have the chance to vote on the top right of my page. Every bit of help is much appreciated! :)


  1. Aw, this is your cutest post ever ^_^ <3

  2. Hehe nice ^^ I just hope the poll isn't too silly :)

  3. Dear Yuki could you please credit my name that is my photo
    www.skateboardingbudgies.wordpress Trieste visier and all the other images onn your page that are mine to avoid confusion PPs love your blog :)

  4. you have several of my images white budgie and also some of my skateboarding ones could you please credit them to me www.skateboardingbudgies.wordpress.come Trieste visier

  5. Hi there could you photo Credit my photo Trieste vizier Marvel conure Fb

  6. I keep writing to you asking you to credit my bird photos !!! but you don't and its getting annoying I love your page and I am glad you love my work but the photo above is copywrite to me TRIESTE VISIER ! SPARROW TOWNSEND ! her name is WILLOW I took this pic in 2007 ! please validate them you also have my skateboarding photos too without permission ?? I don't mind so long as you put my NAME on them thanks XX OK !! I have written many many many times to you now with no reply or changes to your posts of MY PHOTOS PLEASE AMEND THEM !! and add my name thanks ! have a great day ! TRIESTE VISIER SPARROW TOWNSEND