Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chirp Ahoy!

The Norwegian cruise ship "King Harald" has got a new man on board. He sings beautifully, he looks a little green and lives inside a cage.

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Yesterday morning, a green budgie was found on board of the cruise ship, near the shore of Vardø in Norway.

"Junior Sailor" Karsten Trondsen (11) from Bergen was travelling with his dad and sailor Bjarte Trondsen, when he discovered the little green bird. They're hoping to find the owner on the way back from Bergen to Finnmark.

"I thought a little cuddling would help to make the budgie feel safe", Junior Sailor Karsten explains. Luckily the budgie was tame. After Karsten had rubbed the budgie a bit under the chin feathers, he was able to pick it up with his bare hands.

The tour guide made holes in a cardboard box, so the budgie had a little house to sleep in during the first night.
"We gave him water and nuts. In Hammerfest we went on land and bought a cage for the budgie", tour guide Anita Helberg says. Helberg got the honour of sharing her cabin with "Harald", which everyone thought was a fitting name for their new ship mate.

Tour guide assistant Thess Appelberg hopes that they will succeed to find the rightful owner back. "We hope that someone is missing this budgerigar. In the meantime, he will stay with us on the King Harald", she smiles.

Harald is not the first budgie who made it to the sea. Another budgie was rescued from drowning not so long ago (click here to read the story of Captain the budgie).

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Translation by Bika Middag

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