Monday, March 7, 2011

Budgerigar food health week: day 1

Spoilt little birds

Wild budgerigars learn from an early age which plants they can or can't eat. They pick out the finest kinds of grasses and seeds to keep their athletic bodies healthy. When there's a short supply of food, they will still eat anything they can to survive.

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 Domesticated budgerigars, on the other hand, especially adult birds that had never anything else to eat than seeds, can be very picky. A lot of budgerigar owners complain about the fact that their birds only want to eat one specific seed mix. They may refuse the best-looking, tastiest fruit or the freshest vegetables you serve them. This is why you have to give your budgies a varied diet from the first day you buy them. This way, they can get used to different food types.

Seed mix as main dish

The basic element in a healthy diet for budgies is really easy to find. You may be surprised. In your local supermarket, they probably sell more than one kind of seed - and corn mix for budgies. 
Vitakraft is very common in Belgium. Image ©
It's so simple, yet all budgies need some of this every day, like humans need potatoes to stay healthy. You always have to check the expiry date before you buy a box of bird seed, though. Old corn has less vitamins and rotten seeds can make your bird sick.

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  1. *Suddenly wonders what budgie food would taste like in a bowl with milk*