Friday, April 6, 2012

Budgie of the Month: Jinjo

Who wouldn't agree when I say that budgerigars are great company? They are sweet, happy and loving little birds. Here is one budgie that matters a lot to a certain person.

Photo © Dorothy Ad on tumblr

"However, you cannot change the past. So focus on the future and look around. I have got myself a budgerigar in order to forget the sad past. Jinjo is sometimes really angry but I think he is still cute."

Photo © Dorothy Ad on tumblr

Jinjo's owner also wrote a "budgie song", from the point of view of the budgie. I think it's nice, it shows how budgies and humans can be good friends.

You take me everywhere anywhere
I’m looking for the great moments
We used to be together
Feather to feather
Even bad days were better
Take me back to the time
When we used to spend time together
Don’t let go that won’t heal wounds better
You make rain a sunny weather
If there were a time machine
I would go back to the past
To relive all the great moments with you
Words don’t draw pictures
The fact is that I see you
What I see in you, that I love you
Faith is a light
I would love to hug you so tight that you’d forget your grief
Loving is easier than trusting

Here's a video of Jinjo playing in his little house :)


  1. Jinjo seems to be like my budgie coco twin brother! They look identical and the both can sometimes be really angry and cute at the same time. My sister thought that jinjo was coco!