Monday, February 6, 2012

Budgie of the Month: Inko

There used to be a little wonder on internet for the eight-year old me... a budgie called Inko. I used to have a tiny folder with pictures of this budgie because I thought its colors were so pretty. When I search the internet now, I find hundreds of budgies that are called Inko! But I'm pretty sure this is the one:

Photo © Yayoi on

This pretty bird struck me when I was a kid. I'd never seen a budgie that isn't just green or blue. I didn't think it was possible. I even made a drawing of this budgie, with its wings opened as if it was flying, then cut out the drawing and attached it to my bedroom ceiling! That way, the beautiful bird could always be with me and watch over me at night, while I slept. I know it's a crazy story, but believe it or not, there is still a budgie drawing on my bedroom ceiling at home :)

PS: it's been pretty much fifteen years now, so the website doesn't work anymore. This is the only picture of "Inko" that I found. Maybe I'll scan some of my old folder soon!