Friday, March 4, 2011

What is the body temperature of my budgie?

Image (c) HappyAnimal 2011
The common body temperature of a budgie is 41°C. The feet's temperature is about 39°C.

Tip: try to get familiar with the sensation of a healthy budgie's feet on your hand. Keep in mind how it feels and use this temperature as a reference for your budgie's average temperature. You will be able to tell if there's any aberration from this average in the future. But if a budgie is upset or was just flying around a lot, his heart is beating faster and his feet are a little warmer than usual. This has to do with the bird's speedy metabolism. So you should always try to measure the temperature of a completely relaxed budgie for getting a reliable result.


  1. Sweet picture ^_^ And once again, thanks for the information ;)

  2. No problem ^^ would be nice to have a warm featherball on your shoulder in cold Winters like this :)