Saturday, March 12, 2011

Budgerigar food health week: day 4

Hide and seek

Stimulate your budgie's curiosity to look for hidden things. Animals that live under the guard of humans should have enough entertainment and movement outside the cage.
You can choose to challenge your budgie a little bit when you want to give him food. That cures part of their boredom - yes, budgies do actually get bored easily when they're kept as pets! - and turns the usual food routine into a fun game of dinner-hunting!

It's important that your budgies always get to the food in the end, otherwise they won't trust you anymore.
Here is what you can do:
  1. Every other day, you can give your budgies a little less food in the cage and instead put some on a couple of food plates, for example on the table in the living room.
  2. Place the filled food plates within eyesight of the budgies. Soon, the first budgie will discover the food and the rest will follow him.
  3. After three or four times, your budgies will know they have to be on the lookout for food. Now you can hide the food plates in a more remote spot of the room.
  4. This is where the real challenge begins for your budgies. They will have a lot of fun in this hide and seek game. But you have to be sure that your budgies always get to the food in the end! They are already starving when they have to go one day without food! The game is meant as a fun addition to the daily entertainment you should provide your feathered friends.