Sunday, December 4, 2011

Budgie of the month: Fatty!

Fatty is a blue budgerigar who belongs to a girl with the artist name IrishAppleTree. I decided to make him budgie of the month, because he's so cute and ... cuddly. And I have a soft spot for blue budgies. Now I wonder: is this budgie really bigger than the others or is it the angle of the camera doing it? :)

Here's a recent picture that I took when Isla was looking straight into the camera. It makes her look a little bit like Fatty too!

All pictures, except the last one are © to IrishAppleTree. Please visit her tumblr for more pictures!


  1. All budgies should really get together now and then.

  2. My sister has a green budgie with the name Tiki. We call him Fatty for a nickname and I bet can guess why. (Hint: He is a bit chubby)