Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can budgies be kept together with cats?

One of my classmates was giving away kittens a few months ago. I said that I'd love to help him out, but that we already have budgies at home. He then told me he used to have budgies as well, together with cats and that he never had had any problems.

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He probably was just lucky. When young kittens and baby budgies grow up together, they can actually get along. But when your cat grows up, he will start to remember his instinct to kill small animals, especially small birds. It can happen when you're not looking for five minutes. Cats also have the nasty habit of playing with their food before eating it and you really don't want your budgie to suffer that fate.

It's also known that budgies can be quite a tease sometimes. You've probably heard of the cheeky young budgie that locked up the cat in his cage. This attitude is like throwing oil on the fire - it could make the cat furious and chase the budgie into his death. Luckily, the budgie from the story got away safely.

So in short: NO! People may say otherwise, but you really can't take this risk!

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  1. i got a 2 young kittens, 1 kitten just ignores the budgies but another kitten likes to sit on my bed and watch the budgies, but not trying to jump on the cage , she just sits and watch for a minute and then turns her head to the window and watch other birds.