Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Budgerigars Need

Before buying a budgie, you must agree to these conditions:

Budgerigars need:
  1. to be able to fly
  2. an aviary safe from predators with protection from the cold
  3. wooden perches and nest boxes
  4. companionship from other budgies
  5. a daily diet of budgie seed and treats such as fresh lettuce, carrots and apples.
  6. Cuttlefish and grit to help with digestion.
  7. a constant supply of fresh clean water supplied in water bowls off the ground
  8. a place for bathing
  9. toys
  10. your love
  1. Budgies are naturally shaped to fly, they are airborne creatures that can travel more than 400 km a day in the wild. If they don't get the chance to move around, they will become sick and their bodies will soon start showing signs of wear.
  2. It's a good thing to keep your budgies in an outdoor aviary. They will be happier there than inside a human house. They will also get plenty of Vitamin D, which is a healing medicine on its own for the budgies. However, you have to keep them safe from predators. They should never be able to get their claws into the aviary. Budgies can stand warm temperatures but not cold temperatures (below 8° is already too cold for them) so make sure to install a heating system during Autumn and Winter.
  3. Buy wooden perches in different thicknesses rather than plastic ones, it's much better for your budgie's legs! Budgies need a nest box to start a family. You can read more about it here.
  4. In the wild, budgies live in large groups and are very social. Therefore they like the company of other birds. It is best to keep budgies in pairs. However, if you only want one bird, then you must become that bird's companion. Give the budgie lots of attention, talk to it and play with it as much as you can. The budgie may regard you as its parent and even fly around behind you. But don't let your budgie wither away in a lonely cage with only a mirror as his playmate. That is one of the cruellest things you can do as an owner.
  5. Most owners have no idea what to feed their budgie. This is why a lot of pet budgies don't live longer than a few years.
  6. Budgies love cuttlefish, they use it to trim their beaks as well as to digest some seeds. You can also give them grit, pour some on the bottom of the cage so they can get to it anytime they want.
  7. I don't need to explain why bad water can make a budgie sick. It makes us sick too. It's very important to give them fresh water every day. You can add some aviary vitamins or applecider vinegar to it to make it more sour (makes it harder for bacteria to reproduce in the water) + applecider vinegar contains a lot of health benefits.
  8. Unlike some cats and dogs, budgies love taking baths every day! Read more about it here, or take a look at this video ^^
  9. For entertainment, home-made toys are equally appreciated as the commercial ones. Budgies love shredding computer paper strips and climbing home-made wooden latters. They entertain themselves with simple items such as paper-clip chains, marbles, natural wood toothpicks, thimbles and other colorful household objects that "shake, rattle and roll."
  10. You have to understand that the budgie's life, from the moment you buy it, is in your hands. You have to show your budgie that you appreciate him, that he is welcome at your home. Budgies fear the human hand because they know it catches them. Gain your budgie's trust by whistling tunes to him, speak soft and sweet words to him. Don't shout or make any sudden movements that may scare the budgie. You will find that the budgie is listening to you, that he wants to get to know you and even talk to you and care for you. Don't break that bond, it is one of the most unique and beautiful things in this world.


  1. Your blog is more meaningful than all the things I've written in my whole life.

  2. That's not true, baby! *huggles you* I think you're much better at blogging than me :)

  3. My exotics vet says not to keep a nest box in with my birds unless I am trying to breed. Other than that, great article!

  4. Nice article, but grit is HORRIBLE and unnecessary for budgies- they can choke and die on it.