Friday, November 5, 2010

Budgies in Petting Zoo Huizingen

A few days ago, I went for an Autumn walk in a recreation park not far from my hometown, together with my family. We had the chance to check out a little petting zoo, and I found budgies!

Aren't they the sweetest little sleepy-heads you've ever seen?

Pictures (c) me


  1. I remember some very lively ones as well ;-) It's great to see so many happy budgies in a roomy habitat.

  2. Your blog is really amazing. I really love your style and the wonderful budgies images! I think you should also take a walk in the Houston Petting Zoo. You will have a great experience here.

  3. In any petting zoo budgies attract me more than other birds and animals. It is difficult to catch them in images, but you did it.

  4. Love these wonderful images, First time I seen lovely budgies in st louis petting zoo. Great experience.