Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beneficial Effects of Millet and How Budgies Worship it

Budgies absolutely go crazy for spray millet (NL "Trosgierst"). They love it like most people love chocolate. But too much of this seed will make them avoid other healthy food like fresh fruit and vegetables. They will overeat and become addicted to it if given the chance, so offer it only a few times a week.

Millet, however, can be very healthy if they don't eat too much of it. It has a whole range of beneficial effects and can even cure budgies that are ill.


  1. Wow, wonderfood! Where did you find that awesome picture?

  2. It probably helped Neo :) I found the picture on a budgie forum I think ^^

  3. hello, i can't tell if my budgie is male or feamale, but he\she has a purple-ish\ blue cere. I think it's a male because he's really friendly, goes on my shoulder, and climbs onto my hair.