Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Budgies - The Sounds of Wild Budgerigars

"Recorded in the deserts of Australia - the home of the Budgerigar - this album presents the calls and songs of wild Budgerigars.

Communally roosting Budgies awake at first light, chattering amiably, before fluttering off in small groups to feed. Throughout the day they are heard communicating socially while interacting, feeding and preening, including contented, quiet subsong.

As well as Budgies, you will hear a range of Australia's inland birdlife. Budgies are very social and vocal birds, and this recording is intended to bring health-promoting stimulation to pet birds and relaxing listening for their owners."

Huge flock of twittering budgies!

The ancestors of our pet budgerigars live together as one flock in their natural surroundings in Australia. As long as there is no danger, they are twittering and singing happily. The voices of other budgies indicate that your budgie is in a safe place and comforts him, because after all, he is in a strange world as a pet. Budgies know instinctively that there is no danger as long as the other budgies keep on singing. If you have budgies, you probably heard them go quiet sometimes, sometimes very abruptly, in the middle of a song. This means your budgies are alert or sense danger. If you want to make your budgies happy and less stressed, you should listen to "Happy budgies" together with them, to make them feel safe and at home. On the website of Listening Earth , you can learn more about the record and buy the mp3-download of the album.

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  1. I think this would soothe me as well!

  2. My parakeets are purring and fly around the cage becausebof this it's getting them reallllllly happy

  3. haha they flew away immediately it scared me.
    luckily we got one back in its cage and the other one followed him.