Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Budgies, just the way we know them!

Budgerigars like all kinds of toys and games. They are the world's best air acrobats and love to swing their way through life, driven by curiosity and courage. If you become their friend, they enjoy sitting on your head or your shoulder and love being carried around in the room. They are true explorers, and even though they haven't discovered America, they have discovered big parts of Australia where you wouldn't even survive for one day. You and your feathered friends can have a lot of fun trying out a new game every day. Budgerigars are able to solve easy mathematics exercises, play water polo with grapes, make music with marbles and are sometimes heard in harmony with the church bells on Sunday.

Here are another few descriptions that are also typical for budgerigars:

  • Colourful plumage
  • Curious and alert
  • Sweet and intelligent
  • Loyal to "its" human
  • Enjoy company
  • Love to cuddle with their partner
  • Flock-oriented
  • Can learn to talk
  • Loving, affectionate (budgie mothers)
Feel free to add some to this list ;)

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