Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just have to write about him, because I want the world to know how special this budgie is.

Sweet little blue budgie, when I first saw him, he sat close to me without showing any fear. I became friends with him immediately. I often watched how he climbed up to his favourite spot in the aviary and sang there, sometimes communicating with his buddy Wit Zingbeest ("White Singing Beast") who was singing in the other corner. I often made jokes about those two plotting mischief together. Neo is very special because he has never been one of those "overactive enthusiastic" budgies, he is modest and doesn't like to be in the spotlight. But when I come, he always listens to me and sometimes twitters little noises back, as if he knows what I want to say. He is also very fond of millet and has a sweet, caring mate called Enza (named after an apple brand in Belgium - which is a great coincidence because she absolutely goes crazy for apples). Last year, I noticed that Neo started to get ill, and it has been going up and down ever since. Tonight, I fear for his life. I suspect he has got what we call the "crooked-neck illness" and if that's true, there won't be a happy ending. There is nothing you can do to cure it (although some people say that egg food helps, so we're trying with this and also with vitamins and other little things that may do wonders) He doesn't deserve it and it makes me really sad to see him like that. When I went to see him tonight, he was resting on one leg (which gives me hope) but also with his head hanging down to one side - darn illness - he is unable to fly because he has no sense of balance anymore. But when he saw me and my mum coming, he closed his eyes and started to make happy crunching noises. My mum helps him with eating and drinking and Enza gives him all the love and care he deserves. I can only hope that my sweet blue budgie will hold on until the Summer comes and survive this illness. I really hope he will stay with us.
I just had to get it out, because I'm scared that he's going to be gone soon.

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  1. I have eucalyptus branches in my mini aviary as a sort of climbing frame they have dried and the birds pick at them is this ok.