Sunday, February 20, 2011

Before you decide on buying a budgie

You must agree to these conditions. You should also consider the following things:
  • Budgies need at least a medium-sized bird cage in which they are able to stretch their wings a little bit and fly. It can cost a bit of money.
  • Budgies love to live together with their owner(s), but they can be quite noisy at times. They don't sing like canaries, but they may give you the impression that you find yourself in the wilderness (especially when you've got a big budgie flock at your home like we do :-)
  • Budgies are flock-oriented animals. You need to buy at least two of them if you want them to be happy.
  • Budgies need to fly every day, but they also poop every 12-15 minutes so you may have to clean a little when they're back in the cage. Not much work though, considering the extremely small size of their poops :-)
  • Budgies can get up to 15-20 years old and you are responsible for them all that time. They don't cope well with moving to a new owner.
  • They don't need that much attention, but you can't ignore them. You have to talk to your budgies, reassure them that they're in good hands every day.
  • Budgies are no pets to cuddle with, so for young children they may not be the best choice. Budgies don't like to get picked up and hugged like dogs or cats. You may accidentally hurt them like that.
  • If you want to gain your budgie's trust, you have to spend some time on him every day and be patient with the little bird. Taming is a process that may take more than a month.
  • If you want to buy a budgie, you have to think what you're going to do with it if you're planning to go on holidays. 
  • If you already have dogs or cats, it's probably a bad idea to get a budgie. No need to ask me why!
  • Find out first if you or anyone in your family is allergic to bird feathers.
Did you go through the check list and did you accept the conditions? Then a budgie must be the perfect pet for you! Take good care of it, and you will soon find your budgie returning all the love that he receives from you.


  1. The tree-like bird cages stand allows the bird to get out of its cage and enjoy the freedom of the “playground.” Most birds truly enjoy this type of stand because of the freedom and it gives them the opportunity to fly around the house, exercise, stretch, flap their wings and socialize and interact with the members of the household. You may not like to clean up the bird droppings but you will have one happier bird. The “playground” type stand is very popular and one can purchase a relatively simple stand or top of the line with many accessories.

  2. Yay my budgies might actually love me for once!

  3. I have about 9 allergies and my mom thinks that it is safe note to keep a bird because I might have a bird feather allergy. Also, I think my parents wouldn't like to but two budgies. Lastly, my parents don't want me to handle with a pets death because I kept a turtle for a while and he died..when we went to bury him I cried. However, whenever I see a budgies on the internet, my heart just melts and I really want one. I have also done all of the research.

  4. Oops ignore the "note" in the first sentence. ^^

  5. I have a budgie, he is around the age of 7 years old. He is a beautiful, happy, bird that used to have a partner, except she died. I would recommend a budgie to anyone who is able to follow the conditions above. One of the most crucial elements to keep your budgie happy and healthy is: you have to keep them in light unless it is night time. For instance, if you keep the bird in your room, keep him around people. They need to be around people that talk or make noise, if it is you, that would work. In the morning, open the blinds or turn on a light. I also recommend giving them a blanket to be put on their cage at night. They also love music, however, if you will not be where the bird is located for more than 1 hour, turn on some bird sounds. If you have them alone in the dark, they will start to pull out there chest feathers and it will take months for them to grow back. Beleive me, I know. :)