Sunday, April 17, 2011

New gadget: Yuki says

The mysterious white budgie that has been flying in and out of my blog, has finally gotten a name.
As from today, Yuki will be our mascot, appearing in the top right of my blog with a different quote each time you visit the page. The little chatterbox has a lot to say, going from budgie gibberish to true wisdom. Thank you for voting and I hope you like it!

Also thanks to my fiancé Erlend, for helping me with the html ^_^

Yuki ("snow" in Japanese) made his first appearance in my post about kitchen hazards.


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  2. Dear Yuki thank you for appreciating my work Could you please credit my name Trieste Visier ( Sparrow Townsend ) to the images you have taken for your site you have used many of mine white budgie artist in red room , also budgie in shower scene u have used a lot of them its very sweet but could you please add my name to the credit of the photos so there is no confusion thankyou