Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stay out of the kitchen, please!

A budgie in a mini kitchen, cooking pasta. Awesomeness knows no bounds. But when it's your kitchen, you have to be aware of the all the lurking hazards in there, both for you and your budgie. Image (c) the Chief Overseer of Nothing.

Make sure that your budgie's cage is roomy and well supplied with food, grit and water. Don't put the cage in a hot or cold place, and certainly not in the kitchen while you are cooking! Budgies could die of the noxious fumes that are created each time you heat a frying pan that contains a non-stick coating, for example a Tefal pan. It's both harmful for you and your budgies!

In my parent's house, the budgies are inside the veranda next to the kitchen, so we always make sure not to heat up the frying pan too quickly (this is what creates the noxious fumes) and we leave the veranda doors open to let the good air in. You really have to consider doing the same thing if you are keeping budgerigars close to the kitchen.

Also don't forget to close the cage doors while you are cooking, because budgies are very curious - they would also like to know what you are cooking - and champions of escaping!


  1. That just might be the most awesome budgie picture I have ever seen.

    *Now imagines leaving the kitchen for five minutes, then coming back to see twenty budgies sitting around the rim of the frying pan, tasting the sauce*

    Thanks for the great post ^_^

  2. Hihi, now I'm imagining it too :D <3

  3. Glue guns have Teflon in it..! o_o I was surprised when I heard this.
    Also Ironing board covers. Teflon isn't safe for humans either, but it doesn't have as much of an impact because, of course our lungs are larger.

    The safest thing to do is to have stainless steal pans..!

    George Forman Grills are bad. Candles and Incense, unless you find bird-safe ones online. I had one made out of soy and honey..! =D Here's a list I set up of the top 10 birdy killers. Feel free to use it if you want.

  4. Yes, stainless steel pans are the best to use. Also thanks for telling me about the candles :) We have to protect our budgie friends <3

    I'd love to have a look at the list of the top 10 bird killers, but the picture is very small... any chance you can send it to me in full size? Thanks :)

  5. Awesome My budgie Don't Even Know What A Kitchen Is!

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