Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bird Play Gym

Budgies are incredibly intelligent. Imagine you were stuck in the same room for more than 10 years, without anything in it changing, without anything new to look at, without ever getting out of it? That's exactly what it's like for a budgie. It's important to give them something new every now and again: a new toy, a new kind of music, new places to look at or explore.

I'll show you something amazing I found online: a bird play gym. It's not that hard to build!

Start by collecting some safe parakeet toys, and use wooden perches that the budgies can gnaw. They love gnawing and it's good for their beaks. Include a bathtub, so they can have fun splashing around. Make sure the toys can be attached and detached easily, so you can swap them every now and again.
DANGER: avoid sharp edges on the wood and toys, and don't use toxic glue or other products that are harmful for budgies.

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  1. If all People would understand that their little friend and sometimes their best friend needs some sort of stimulation, fun, and Yes! one to one.
    Even with my birds of which I have many, they all love to be pampered.
    So Ya!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks :) I agree, budgies should all be given the chance to fly around or at least be out of their cage every now and again... that way they are much happier!