Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Out There" (budgies vs. parrots)

Budgies are in fact tiny parrots. Just like parrots, they have the gift of speech, and they have a lot of other, amazing things to offer you. Sadly, many people do not perceive budgies as "true parrots" due to their price and size. The budgies I bought in the store last week were only 12,5 EUR! To me, they're of course invaluable.

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Budgies are often underrated as pets. But they guarantee you some advantages:
  • lower noise level
  • less cleaning to do
  • smaller beak (if a parrot bites you, it hurts, but budgies mostly just nibble on you)
  • no damage to your household items
As mentioned above, budgies are extremely gifted in the talking department. They can easily pick up large vocabularies. One budgerigar named Puck mastered about 2,000 words! Budgies have a deep, whispering voice. They don't speak loudly, but you can understand them well. Budgies also come in an extremely wide variation of colors and mutations. The exact number of this is unknown, but it's estimated to be over a million.

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  1. I'm definitely hearing some excited chatter next door right now ;)