Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blood loss / First aid for birds

Here is one scary fact about budgies:

A budgie can only withstand the loss of 20 percent of its blood, which equals 12 drops.

So in case your budgie gets hurt, you first have to stop the bleeding. Then, hurry to the closest vet for treatment. You really can't wait long with this.

Photo © The Budgie Cage
If you have time, please also visit this website. I'm going to order one of these books today so I can learn more about first aid for birds.

Most accidents with budgies happen because they get hurt during free flight or because they are hooked up with the wrong kind of animals/birds. Some people who clip their budgie's wings have also been responsible for grave accidents.

Please think twice before you submit your budgie to such a risk.

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  1. I have never seen such a comfy-looking budgie before.

    When we acquire a first aid kit, let's make sure that there are budgie=sized implements as well as the ones for people ;)