Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go to a pet store, save a budgerigar

Something I have been wondering about for a long time:

What exactly happens to budgies that don't get sold in the pet store?

Budgies that are sold on a market are likely to suffer the same fate. Image ©
Reasonable pet stores

Luckily, in most pet stores ALL the budgies are kept until they are sold (or so they say).
Adult budgies as well as baby budgies get sold quite rapidly, but the demand for young birds is still the highest.

Horrible pet stores

The less scrupulous ones may neglect the budgies that don't sell, waiting for them to fall ill, then ship them back in crates with dying or dead budgies, back to the supplier for a refund. Or, the older, weaker budgies may end up as free snake or reptile food. There are actually pet stores who worked with this "system". Budgies with problems sometimes go back to the breeder they came from - the breeder will most likely end their life because those budgies are "useless" to them. Some budgies are just kept in the display aviary for the rest of their life. Very, very boring.

But, do we really know?

Go to any pet store in town and ask the owner this question. Will they tell you the truth?
How much do they really care about these little birds?

One of the local pet stores here sold us a baby budgie with only half a wing, because they had clipped it too far. I think it's a scandal. The poor budgie is living at our home now, but he will never be able to fly. I don't know what would have happened if we had left him in the pet store.
So if you care for budgies, you might want to go to the pet store and buy a pair to make sure they are in good hands.


  1. Those poor birds. I know the baby I got had it's wings cut so short it can't even fly up 2 inches. We took her to the vet and her wings are fine, we just have to wait for her first molt so she can get some flight feathers and then have her wings clipped properly by the vet.

    Honestly though unless we work there and see it first hand we won't know.

    1. How can you love budgies when you are prepared to clip away thousands of years of evolution? Taking flight away from a bird is like cutting your head off.

  2. Yeah that is the sad thing about pet stores, you don't know what's happening behind the closed doors :-/ You can only hope for the best!

  3. i have a budgie and i love him/her (NOT SURE PLEASE HELP ME AND EMAIL ME ON who could do that to a budgie who has a lifespan of about 5 years! TERRIBLE

  4. I can both agree and disagree...some chain pet stores have their birds come from bird mills. And while you think you're saving the bird, you are also giving the bird mill profit, which basically tells them they can keep breeding these birds in horrible conditions, because they will make profit. It might not make a huge difference, but I'm a strong believer in not buying a bird that comes from a bird mill. In other cases though, if there's a privately-owned pet store that doesn't buy from bird mills, I can agree with buying the bird(s), since they don't come from those horrible places. I understand though, that it's heartbreaking to see these little birds miserable.

    I hope someday these conditions improve.

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  8. I work at a pet store. We keep the birds until they get sold. My first budgie was a rescue bird thru the humane society. I have since got 5 more. I love them.

  9. this is plagiarism from a YouTube channel called Salvador budgie you are using his EXACT words! At LEAST give him credit!!