Sunday, June 26, 2011

Budgies and Showers

Bathing or showering is important to keep your budgie's feathers clean and healthy. Every budgie likes refreshment in a different way: some budgies love the simplicity of a bird bath from the pet store, some budgies like to roll around in wet leaves and some budgies like to have a roomy, shallow plate filled with water.
When it comes to refreshment, they don't make a distinction between drinking water and bathing water; as long as it's clean and fresh! (so make sure to refresh their drinking water if they decide to use this as a bath)

Image © Kurt Kolar's "Grasparkieten"
Some budgies enjoy real showers even more. If they are tame, you can take them to the water tap and let them take a shower. Budgies should be able to bathe or shower any time of the year.

A few simple rules for bath time:
  • Room temperature should be around 20°C and there shouldn't be any drafts in the house
  • Your budgie must be healthy, not suffering from a cold or illness (in this case, bathing could make it worse)
  • Bathing time should be somewhere in between late morning and late afternoon, so that your budgie gets a chance to dry before bedtime
  • Do not blowdry your budgie or use a towel, you could hurt your bird with this.
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  1. I suppose it would be a good idea to try out different types of baths to see which one your budgie prefers :)

  2. I think a lot of budgies prefer a good shower over a bath, really :D
    can't wait ^^