Thursday, December 20, 2012

A safe Christmas with our budgies

Photo © pettyartist on tumblr

Christmas is a season of joy, but the festivities could turn tragic for budgie owners that don't make the correct provisions for their budgie's safety. Here are some easy tips to follow up during the holidays. It doesn't take a lot of effort, and it's enough to give your budgies a safe and cosy Christmas.

1) Keep an eye on the Christmas tree and ornaments. Budgies could get burned if they chew on the light wires, or they could end up with loose needles sticking in their feet or plumage. Christmas trees on itself are non-toxic but there is still a risk of poisoning if the tree has been sprayed with something.

2) Don't let your budgie play with the presents while you are gone. You might think it's okay to let your budgies play with the ribbons and shred the paper, but the ink that is printed on the paper could be toxic. Additionally, some ribbons could get trapped around your budgie's feet or even their neck (although this is unlikely to happen)

3) Never let your budgie get a sip of alchohol, it's poisonous and can kill them. They shouldn't eat anything from the Christmas meals either, as human food contains too much sugar and fat for them, and some ingredients are poisonous to budgies (like avocado's).

4) When you have a party at your place, it is recommended to keep your budgie in a spare room, so they don't get too stressed. Fireworks indoors is a no-go. Keep your budgies in a familiar room with the curtains closed, before the fireworks begin outside.

5) Get your budgie a Christmas gift, so they don't have to miss out on everything! You can make them happy in so many ways. It can be as simple as a nice treat, like millet, but there are also plenty of toys to choose from... or even a new budgie friend!

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  1. Thanks Bika, over here everything is under control! I got Sydney a christmas gift...! ;-)
    And he'll soon be getting a new friend!
    Lucky duck!

    Mia & Sydney

  2. That's so great, I'm happy for you! I still need to get my budgies a gift, maybe a bird play gym... :)