Monday, June 21, 2010


A budgie (short for budgerigar) is a small parrot, originally with green and yellow colours. After the 1850s, people started breeding budgies to obtain different colours. As a result, some of the budgies you see today are different kinds of blue or violet or greywinged. A budgie can even be entirely white - there are countless combinations. The most common is still green and yellow.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

As some of you may know, budgies are native to Australia, where they have survived for the last five million years in harsch conditions.

Many people like to keep a dog or a cat, but nothing beats the company of these sweet little feathered friends for me!

This is how my blog is going to work: every day (or two days, if I'm busy) I'll tell you something you might want to know about budgies, to convince you that they are awesome.


  1. I already know they are awesome, but this blog is going to convince me even further :)

  2. Yes! Budgies are so awesome that they have compelled me to keep up to 14 at a time! I love this blog so much!!! :3