Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Budgerigar and the Neophema

Around 2000, Robert Manvell of the Newcastle Budgerigar Club of Australia announced that DNA testing has confirmed that the Budgerigar has ancestors in common with the Rosella and the Night Parrot.

Manvell spoke of an interesting theory in which he states that wild budgerigars could have been the same size as a rosella, if only there had been a constant and rich food supply, and they would not have had to fly the long distances they do today. If only the climate had been less hostile. However, it's only a theory, but it makes sense.

Green Rosella © Australian Birds on Blogspot

Nowadays, it is thought that the closest relations of the budgerigar are the Neophema species.

The Neophema consist of 6-7 parrot species:

1) The blue-winged parrot (aww, it looks like a little fat budgie!)

Photo © Wings on Wire
2) The elegant parrot

Photo © Lonsdale - Bird and Fodder
3) Rock parrot

Photo © Dartford Warbler on Blogspot
4) Orange-bellied parrot

Photo © Surfbirds Online Photo Gallery
5) Turquoise parrot

Photo © Wikipedia
6) Scarlet-chested parrot

Photo © Big Animals - Parrots

7) Depending on the author, the Bourke's Parrot may also be considered part of the Neophema, but unlike the Neophema, the Bourke's Parrot is not related to the Budgerigar.

Photo © OzAnimals - Australian Wildlife


  1. A colorful "family album" of the budgerigar. Love it!

  2. There are another few birds to add to my 'I want to see in the wild' list. I'm also so curious about night parrots... they have to be out there...