Saturday, September 15, 2012

Does a budgie make a good Christmas present?

Photo © HONEST - STYLE on deviantart

Now that we're getting closer to Winter again, some people might start thinking about Christmas presents... or maybe it's just me ;-)

If you are thinking about giving a budgerigar as a Christmas gift to someone, I advice you to tell that person about your decision first. I know, then it's not a surprise anymore, but it makes me sad to know that some budgies end up in an animal shelter because the people who got them as a present didn't have room for them, or didn't like birds, or were allergic to them... You need to check this first!

Budgies can be perfect pets for anyone, except young children. Body contact is very important for children under eight years old, and budgies really don't want to be hugged or squeezed. Budgies are also very jumpy and they get startled by rash movements, which toddlers or young children don't fully have under control yet.

Please also check if the person you have in mind has any other pets. Cats are natural enemies, and dogs are also known for attacking budgies to defend their territory. I've heard of people who keep cats and budgies together, but it involves an enormous risk and you can never be sure that your budgie is safe.

Now, if you ask me what I want for Christmas... :-)


  1. They are GREAT gifts! I got Sydney for my birthday (best gift ever!) I also agree about making sure that people know how to take care of it first ;) I did LOTS of research. :) Mia

    1. I agree ;-) I got Frodo and Isla for my 23th birthday (last year) and this year I got Leonidas and Pixie :) Budgies make great gifts for people who care about them :)