Sunday, September 16, 2012

New poll: do you own any other pets in addition to budgies?

Hello everyone,

I have set up a new poll on the top right of my blog. This time, I want to know if you own any other pets in addition to budgies. Some options may seem a bit far-fetched: I wonder if anyone keeps budgies AND spiders in the same house, or budgies and TIGERS? I hope not... but you can never know!

Photo © Being Brazen
Photo © dann1i on deviantart

In any case, feel free to vote whenever you pass by! Remember, you can select multiple answers.

The poll closes in exactly 100 days, so you have until Christmas to let me know :-)

Have fun, and have a nice weekend!



  1. Sydney lives together with Zizou, the family dog. :) Mia

  2. I just read through your entire budgie blog -- awesome work! It is very interesting and fun to read. I just brought home an American Budgie, Preston, a few days ago and he is doing well here. I did the poll here...everything is living with us here(as far as pets anyhow) except reptiles,amphibians, spiders & exotics. I do take in hurt wild critters from time to time, though.

    PS: The current user pic is Preston.

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  4. I have a Norweigan forest cat, named Paz. He lives with my three budgies Joppe, Stellan and Kato.