Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New budgies of the month: Leonidas and Pixie

Hello all!

Frodo and Isla on the phone - photo © Bika Middag

The summer holidays are over, and we decided that it's finally time for Frodo and Isla to get some company. That's when I found an online advertisement about a man who wanted to sell two baby budgies.

The first thing that went through my head, was: 'they are too young to be sold' and 'they are cramped together in a tiny cage'. You know me - it was impossible to ignore them.

So the same evening, I took out the car and drove to a city called Kortrijk with Erlend. It's a long drive from here, more than 100 km, and we got lost twice because we have no GPS. But we finally made it!

When we drove back home, it was dark outside, I was alone on the highway, with Erlend and two baby budgies next to me. The babies were a bit shaken from the sudden change of environment, but I was glad to have them with me. I knew I could give them a better home, where I care for them with all my heart.

From left to right: Leonidas and Pixie - photo © Bika Middag

When we came back home, Frodo and Isla were already sleeping, so they didn't notice the new budgies. Or maybe they did, and they thought they were dreaming.

Anyway, the day after, they started chirping and calling out to each other. Frodo was really excited, but Isla had mixed feelings about it. You see, she's a bit possessive, so she didn't really want to share her house, food and toys with anyone. She didn't really seem to want to let go of Frodo, either.

Photo © Erlend Alvestad

We gave the baby budgies names. Erlend named the blue/yellow budgie Leonidas, and I named the green/yellow budgie Pixie.

On the third day, we put the cages together. What followed next, is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The budgies were so happy to be finally together. I always said that it's better to have two budgies than only one, but four is really a great number. There is simply no room for boredom anymore. The budgies are playing and flying together as one flock. Even Isla is really happy - as long as they don't wake her up while she's taking a nap.

Pixie loves philosophy - photo © Bika Middag
Happy Bika and a big budgie cage - photo © Erlend Alvestad
Hungry Frodo and Leonidas - photo © Erlend Alvestad

Despite the difference in their ages, Frodo and Pixie hit it off instantly. Frodo is one year older than Pixie, but he is completely infatuated with her. Wherever Pixie goes, Frodo follows her like a shadow. It's amazingly cute.

Leonidas is the most quiet budgie in the cage, but he looks very smart. He also has the crazy habit of eating upside down:

photo © Erlend Alvestad

Today, I enjoyed some evening sun with all the budgies, and everything felt like perfect harmony. Right now they're getting ready to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day in Budgie Kingdom.


  1. A great story I was lucky enough to be a part of. With twice as many budgies as before, their flights around the room have taken on a whole new level of terror and majesty.


  2. They are all so cute! Their lucky budgies! Mia & Sydney

  3. Oh! Leonidas and Pixie are so cute - and what beautiful colors they are. And how wonderful that they're all getting along. I have two budgies, but now I want two more!

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