Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello from Venice!

I bought two tickets to Venice for Erlend's Birthday, so I've been away for a few days. Here are a few pictures of Venitian budgies (or cocorite, as they are called in Italian). I took the pictures from a pet store in the city :)

There are too many budgies in that cage, but at least they seemed happy, because they have each other.


  1. I don't think they appreciated all the hordes of yapping tourists passing by, though :-/

  2. Cute budgies!" Hope you had a nice time in Venice! ��. Mia

  3. Hi Bika! Today while I was doing homework Sydney was on my shoulder. Then he bit me really hard three times! He has bitten and only nibbled me plenty of times. But he didn't do the before. (I mean the biting and nibbling) Eks: When I invite him on my finger, when me/mum are putting fresh lettuce in his cage and when we touch the outside of his cage (he comes over and nibbles the finger, anyones) I'm looking for a way to stop this, and an answer to why he started this. Mia ;)

    1. Hello Mia! I think the nibbling/biting could be a social thing, or it could simply mean that he needs to trim his beak - especially when he bites you really hard. You could put a cuttlebone or a mineral stone in Sydney's cage, so he can use these to trim his beak, and not your fingers ;) Carrots are also very good for this! Another explanation is that budgies like to test out a new "perch" by biting it, to see if it's sturdy enough to hold their weight. It could also be that Sydney is going through a hormonal change, and thus becoming more aggressive, but this won't last longer than a few weeks. If you already have a cuttlebone or a mineral stone in the cage, you could try a different material like wood - budgies love to chew on wood branches, like birch :-) Here is a list of safe wood/trees/bushes for budgies: Hope this helps. Take care - Bika & Erlend.

  4. Thank you Bika & Erlend! I think that it is the beak thing. Cause he has done most of the things that you mentioned. So I'll give him some more things to bite/"chew" on. Thank you very much!!!!!!!! ;)
    Tusen hjertelig takk!!! Mia & Sydney :)