Sunday, May 15, 2011

Light and Heat

Budgerigars in Australia live in open, sunlit environments. Birds that are kept as a pet inside, often suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which affects their immune system. Like any other birds, budgies will benefit greatly from exposure to unfiltered sunlight. This means that the light should come directly from the sun and not be filtered away by a curtain, glass or another object that only provides semi-shade.

Image © Alexandra Photography
If possible to do so, you should occasionaly place your budgie's cage (always make sure it's locked!) outdoors when the weather is nice. Put the cage on a spot where it's out of reach of predators. If it gets too hot, offer your budgie some shade. Keep an eye out on your bird, you can even take a chair and relax in the sun together with your budgie. They love to have company!

A good way to keep your budgies healthy inside is to provide their cage with an Avian Sun. UVA light in particular has been shown to be of great benefit in stimulating natural behaviors and maintaining good health.

Avian Sun lamps are also very good for sick budgies! Image ©
Whether inside or outside, you should avoid to position the budgie cage in a draft. Even when the weather is warm, they could catch a cold from this.


  1. Great tips that I'll make sure to remember! How's the Avian Sun for an early Christmas present...?

  2. Ooh that would be PERFECT :o
    It's good for us too, you know! ;) <3

  3. for how long should i kept my budgies in sun

  4. Yes I figure they would need amount of sunlight my buddy bird is were he doesnt get no sun so I put him in other cage and put him in front of my glass door were there is sun. I watch him carefully.