Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cuddle Factor

Budgies are small birds, which means you can't pick up and squeeze them against your chest!
Budgies like to "cuddle" in their own special way. When they are tame, they will sit on your shoulder or your head and preen your hair, to show you that they love you. They may even fall asleep on top of you.
Some budgies are "cuddlier" than others. It often depends on how they are raised as a baby and how they've been treated since then. If you spend little time on them, they will treat you equally, like a stranger.

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Budgies often have a favorite person, and that will be the person they will cuddle with. Experts always suggest that you socialize your budgie when you bring it home so that it will be comfortable when there are other people visiting the house and handling them.
Even then, there is no guarantee that they will like everyone. Some budgies just pick one person to like. You can’t force a budgie to like anyone they don't like, but you can help them to tolerate them.
Often a budgie will not "like" someone because they are able to feel that person's apprehension. Budgies are flattered by sweet, soft words and happy people who are gentle with them. Encourage people to relax when they handle your budgies. If they are really nervous, it might be best for them to wait until they have more confidence.

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Fortunately, a bite from this little bird will not likely cause a trip to emergency. But if a budgie doesn't like you, he will make sure to show you!

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  1. This is probably the cutest post you've ever written. Which makes sense, because yesterday you were cuter than ever before.

    Can't wait to have a cuddly budgie in the house ;)

  2. My Mr Bubble doesn't like the wife, but she gets all the cuddles she needs off me :o)

  3. First day I bring it home hops on my finger and cuddles in my chest