Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Budgie Personality

Every budgerigar has its own beautiful personality, but there is one unique characteristic that all budgies have in common: curiosity. I have no doubt you will have seen this in your budgie. When you interact with your budgie, you can tell that he is very curious about what you do, and about all the "weird" things and habits of the human world. It's a positive kind of curiosity, for budgies WANT to find out what's going on around them.
Another characteristic unique to budgies is playfullness. They are most entertained with other budgies as playmates, but it's also important to foster your budgie's playfullness by providing him enough toys. Give him a few hours of free flight every day, because budgies are born explorers!

There is also a "flocking together - spirit" among budgerigars. They are social flock birds. To be part of a budgerigar flock is a very important part in their life. In the wild, almost everything that a budgie does is flock-oriented. Looking for food, eating, drinking, give a signal when there's danger, preening, napping and socializing are all done as one flock. This way, your budgie will completely wither away if you don't give him a budgie friend in his cage. Some budgies even die of loneliness. When you have at least two budgies, it's a good idea to tame them and make them feel that your family is part of his flock: allow the budgie to sit on your shoulder and watch TV with you, and allow him to sit at the table with you. You can give him some healthy pieces of your dinner, which he will nibble on gladly. The budgie will feel that he is part of your flock when you do things together like this. Talk to him, tell him about your day, how you feel and what you dream of. You will find that the budgie is listening to you and that he is even talking back to you, and that the friendship growing between you and the budgie is very rewarding.

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