Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are Albino/Lutino budgies blind?

I've read some rumors that say that Albino/Lutino budgies (budgies that are all white or all yellow with red eyes) are possibly blind or suffer from extremely diminished vision. This is merely a myth. Albino and Lutino budgies are able to see just as much as other budgies.

The "ino" gene in Albino and Lutino budgies removes all the melanin (substance that creates the dark colours) in the budgie's colour scheme. The dark color of the eye is gone, leaving a red eye with the white iris ring. You can see this clearly on the budgie on the left.

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  1. I will baby, thanks so much :D <3

  2. ain't true, i had a white budgie, i didn't buy it, it was born by my budgies:) . And i had the same impression when she gone out of that egg. But things changed within time. She started to like me a lot, she was playing with me all the time, so she hadn't suffered from any genetical malformations. A week ago, when I wanted to give them food, when i opend the little door, she went out and fly under my hand. I couldn't find her. I think the feeling of freedom was more powerful than the attraction for me. That was it. I am still sory for my mistake because I am sure she is dead now. They can't survive in the wild.

    In conclusion, the red eyed budgies are not blind.

  3. They are not blind but they see a lot worse.

  4. Albinos are sensitive to sunlight, which with too much exposure could give them poor or no vision. Get them some uv protective goggles and they will see fine.