Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What about "red budgerigars" ?

A red budgie, the dream of every budgie breeder

The answer is very clear:

If you try to breed red budgies, you will go mad. The picture above is a fake, it is not possible to produce a red budgerigar.

I've read that some breeders who tried this occasionally got a single red feather, or a budgie that looks a little pink (mostly due to being on certain products like pink coloured mineral blocks) . But it's simply not possible to get red out of a colour chart like this:

Budgerigar Colour and Markings Chart (Image from the Budgerigar Council of Tasmania)

These birds are red and some of them look like budgies, but they're not:

Left: Rubino Rosella
Middle: Bourke Parakeet
Right: Red Canary

A word of advice: it's best to just let budgies choose whoever they want and let nature go its own way. Don't paint them or try other dangerous things in order to get a red budgie, because it's not possible and you're just going to make your budgie unhappy and sick.


  1. I love your blog! Your posts about different variations are both educational and really fun to read. And you've made me realize we'll have to get at least one of each variation - yes, even the red ones. We'll make it work! And no paint, I promise.


  2. Hehe, my sweet silly baby ^_^ <3
    Love you so much :) <3 <3 <3

  3. leave the budge budges to their natural colors