Thursday, August 19, 2010

English Budgies

Domesticated budgies are bigger than their wild ancestors from Australia... and English budgies are even bigger! Some people think they're not a pretty sight, but they used to be very famous once - and I think they deserve just us much love and care as other birds.

English budgies are mostly bred for shows or exhibitions. During the years, some body proportions gained importance among breeders. The shape of the English budgie is what became the ideal in the UK, hence the name. They are about one budgie-head taller than wild budgerigars, and they look more stout because they weigh 50g (other budgies weigh 30-40 g). They have a huge head and lots of throat spots. Nevertheless, they still belong to the same species all budgies belong to: Melopsitaccus undulatus.


  1. :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((( yesterday my budgie flew away!! now his partner is alone, depressed and scared, she's not well - what should i do?? i really miss him and i want to help her!! please reply!

  2. Awww no :( I'm sorry to hear that!

    Well, the best thing you can do is buy your budgie another companion. No matter how hard you try to comfort her, it won't help. Budgies can only deal with grief when they have the company of other budgies. The feeling of safety will come back to your bird and then she will relax more.

    Remember there is a chance that your escaped budgie will survive. Keep an eye on the local papers, listen to the radio, look for signs outside, contact the vets in the area where you live. Another good idea is to check internet! Quite a few lost budgies end up exhausted in the garden of someone who may not even live so far away from you :)