Saturday, February 9, 2013

Orb-it - a very handy hand vac for budgie owners!

The Orb-it comes in different colors, we got a blue one :-)

A few months ago, I noticed that one of my readers had bought an orb-it to clean around her budgie's cage. It's a tiny vacuum cleaner that doesn't nearly make as much noise as the big one we have here :-) and I immediately saw the benefit to it - yes, my budgies fly around in the living room... and they leave some things behind ;-)

It's kind of a drag to pull out the vacuum cleaner every evening, or when you're getting visitors... So now Erlend bought me an Orb-it for Christmas, and I really love it! It's pretty cheap but it works really well! It takes me less than a minute to get rid of emtpy seed shells, feathers and poops around the cage. And my budgies totally love the noise of that thing. I strongly recommend it to anyone who owns budgies!

Pictures: You can use the brush to clean some things, but you can also take it off. When the Orb-it is full (took a few weeks for us), you just empty it in the trash bag.

Note: make sure you have the correct type of socket at home! Erlend ordered the Orb-it from Amazon UK, and they have a different kind of socket so we also had to buy an adapter to make it fit on a Belgian socket ;-)


  1. Camelia Brown: is it suitable for cleaning the very small areas or you should take an upright or canister vacuum.