Saturday, October 1, 2011

Budgie Body Language (8)

Why is my budgie constantly yawning?

Photo © Heidi DS on Flickr
Frodo got me scared for a moment tonight. I noticed he was yawning, not once, not twice, but he just kept on yawning!

When a budgie yawns, you'll see his little beak open up wide, his neck stretch and his eyes close. Budgies usually yawn when they get sleepy, right before their nap or bed time. When your budgie yawns repeatedly, it could indicate one of the following things:
  • lack of oxygen
  • they need to get something loose, like when you are popping your ears
  • they need to adjust their crop, because some of the seeds didn't go down properly
  • there could be something stuck in their throat, like a seed shell or a small feather (nothing dangerous)
By the time I finished reading this online, Frodo had stopped yawning. We always ventilate our appartment well, so it couldn't have been a lack of oxygen in the room. I was so scared Frodo was choking on something, even though he looked very relaxed. So my guess is that he was doing one of the other things.

In extreme cases (if your budgie really doesn't stop yawning, or if he seems to be choking), don't hesitate to call the vet immediately, or just take the car and drive there! Budgies are in many ways like little children, they can't tell you what's wrong. That's why you always have to keep an extra pair of eyes on them.

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  1. cool this really helped me. my budgie has been yawning for ever.thx now i know its nothing bad.