Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Budgie Body Language (7)

Does my budgie like to be petted on the head?

Image © pets.webshots.com

Some budgies really like to be touched on their head by humans. But all budgies are different. Some budgies will only let their partner preen them. Some budgies do it to remove dust particles, or stimulate the blood flow in the area of the head, but most budgies do it out of tenderness. If you see a budgie preening another budgie, it means "I love you". If they "preen" your hair, it has the same meaning. You can return the good feeling by rubbing your budgie's head very lightly, sometimes up and down to the neck. You can also rub their belly a little bit, although some budgies don't like that at all. All budgies are different and it also depends on how close the bond with their owner is.

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  1. This reminds me of that parakeet eating your hair at Paradisio ;)

    Incidentally, all of these techniques work just as well on me!