Sunday, September 19, 2010

Budgie Body Language (2)

Budgies puff up their feathers when they're sleeping, BUT sleeping on two legs is always a bad sign!

Budgies regulate their body temperature with their feathers. If they're cold, they will puff up their feathers; that way, they create an insulating layer of air that holds some wamth. Budgies are not supposed to be "puffed up" all the time, though, unless they are sleeping - but it could also mean that they're ill.

When they're too warm, they spread their wings a little to get cooled down.

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  1. hehe yeah, sleeping budgies are cute ^^

  2. I got 6 budgies last day n the 1 sleeps most of the time eat play a little and again sleep she turns her head back puffed her feather n sleeps is it a good sign