Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome home, Frodo and Isla

Today was another big day for us: we bought our first two budgies!

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Frodo (on the left) doesn't seem to be one of the most common types. I think he might have a grey factor, but he's also leaning towards violet. Isla (on the right) is almost certainly a dark-eyed clear.

The budgies are now sleeping peacefully after an exhausting first day. You know the first day is always a bit scary for new budgies, because they need time to get used to their new environment.

I was glad to hear both of them grind their beak at night, though... I think we've got two happy budgies here :)


  1. Can I come and visit them? ;-)

  2. Yes :D they are still a bit shy, but they're starting to get settled here ;)

  3. Oh, they're gorgeous! Makes me miss mine even more right now... they're at the vet's office being boarded while I go on vacation. Was going to let the neighbor's daughter watch them, but then I saw the condition of the cat food bowls she's responsible for taking care of, and thought better of it. Good luck with them!

  4. It's amazing how far we've all come in eleven days. And there's much more in store :)