Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cracked beak

Some budgies have a beak that shows a few cracks. My husband discovered it on Frodo this morning, so of course I had to find out what it is.

As you know, budgerigars wear down their beaks on toys, perches, anything chewable. It's normal that the beaks shows some signs of flaking or chipping after a while. But if the beak is cracked right through, your budgie is most likely injured and you have to see a vet immediately!

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Apart from the few cracks, Frodo is just as happy and chirpy as usual. I checked him on injuries but he is perfectly fine. Also, he doesn't seem to have trouble while eating. So what is going on?

I soon found out that the actual cracks in the beak are caused by a vitamin deficiency. Fact is, budgies are picky eaters and some budgies simply refuse to eat fruit or vegetables. Frodo is like that. He probably never got any healthy food in the store where he came from. Budgies who never saw another budgie eating a piece of apple, might just stay away from it when you try to give it to them.

What can you do?
  • Give your budgies a mineral block: it's soft enough for the beak and fun to chew on; it will supply your bird with necessary minerals
  • add vitamins to their water, change their water every day to prevent bacteria from multiplying.
  • Keep trying with fruit and vegetables: one day, they might just start liking it! Only save millet for special occasions; give your budgie more healthy snacks like carrot or apple.

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  1. My budgies beak has split from the top to the bottom left side don’t know what to do not bleeding doesn’t appear in any pain looks like it’s going to fall off