Monday, September 5, 2011

Hunger strike?

I've been reading quite a few stories about budgies who refuse to eat when they are brought into a new home. So, I knew what to expect when I bought Frodo and Isla. They immediately flew up on to the highest perch and remained there for the rest of the evening.

Of course I was worried because they didn't touch the food. Budgies can only last a little more than two days without food. So what did I do? I hung some millet in the cage, where they could easily reach it. I can tell you it helped; we have seen some massive millet-nomming today!

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Also, the budgies seem much more relaxed. It's amazing how fast they adapt. They are still young and I won't give them away: I'll make sure they have a long and happy life with us. The good news is that they already allow us very close to them, without being scared of us. My guess is that it will take less than a month before they are tame and can fly like little helicopters through the house :-)

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