Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Losing tail feathers?

What happens if tail feathers (or other feathers) fall out?

This means your budgie is probably molting. Luckily, the feathers will come back in no time, because the flight feathers in the tail are the most important for flight and essential for your budgie's survival.

Photo © Hanz on the Talk Budgies forum
Why do budgies lose their feathers? Feathers lose some of their insulative and protective qualities over time. If you wore the same clothes every day, the same would happen to you and eventually those clothes wouldn't keep you warm anymore. A budgie's answer to this is to generate a new bunch of feathers.


  1. but what happens when top of the budgies head feather comes of and starts bleeding, is that dangerous? :( i am worried answer quick if can

  2. If there's any bleeding you have to make sure to stop it immediately (use some cotton wool and dip it softly against the budgie's head). Try to get in touch with a vet (preferably someone who is specialised in birds), it's better to act quickly because it's never good when your budgie loses blood, even if it's just a single drop.