Saturday, April 23, 2011

Norwegian budgie song

My fiancé from Norway happens to know a children's song about a budgie. The song is taught together with a little dance. It goes like this:

Jeg er en liten undulat - flakser med hendene som en liten fugl
som får så dårlig med mat - stryker over magen
for de jeg bor hos, for de jeg bor hos - tegner et hus i luften
er så gjerrig. - viser med liten avstand mellom pekefinger og tommel

De gir meg sild hver eneste dag, - lager bølgebevegelser med ene hånden
men det vil jeg ikke ha. -
Nei, jeg vil heller, ja mye heller -
ha Coca Cola og is. - drikker "Cola" og strekker ut tungen og slikker på en "is"

Now, the translation:

I'm a little budgie - wave your hands up and down like a little bird
Who is so poorly fed - rub your belly
Because those I live with, those I live with - draw a house in the sky
Are so cheap. - create a small distance between index finger and thumb

They give me herring every day - make wavy movements with your hands
But I don't want that -
No, I would rather, much rather -
Have coca cola and ice cream. - pretend to drink "coca cola" and stick out your tongue, as if eating ice cream

* Important note: budgies are not allowed to eat ice cream, herring or drink coca cola! I hope you all know this :-)


  1. Just the way we did it in kindergarten - the screaming included.

    At the time I didn't know what a budgie looked like, though. Thanks for clearing that up ;)

  2. Hehe, no problem :D

    Yeah the screaming... XD I can just imagine you and all the other kids singing it together :D <3