Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crystal clear memory

Never doubt your budgerigar's memory. They are capable of storing a lot of information in there, including facial recognition. They recognize you as their owner, they recognize their flockmates, they will always recognize their soulmate. This sometimes causes problems with breeders who want to put two budgies together that already have a mate. It's not hard to imagine that these budgies will simply refuse to breed. Even when they are separated, they don't want to take a stranger as a mate when they already have perfect memories of their own love!

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When a flock member dies, the other budgies will become silent. At first they won't understand why this budgie is gone from them, but they will remember him and they will be sad because he is gone. It is proven that budgies are able to recognize a budgie they know on a picture. Budgies who live together become very attached to each other. Some budgies who lose their mate or their best friend will just wither away like a flower. When you see any sign of this happening, you must do whatever you can to cure their sadness: pamper them, put their cage outside in the sunlight, give them plenty of physical activity (it is important that they keep moving and not sit down on the cage floor), and talk to them. Show them that you care, and that they can't give up on you <3