Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How much do all my budgies weigh together?

Image © fugleredens.dk
Question of the day (asked by Erlend, my fiancé)

"If you put all your budgies together, how much would they actually weigh?"

Answer: consider that a grown budgie weighs 40 grams, and that we have about 20 budgies. They would weigh 800 grams together! Imagine how light they are! It's good that my arm weighs more than that, so they can all sit on it together ^_^


  1. Imagine, you go into the pet-store and say "I would like to buy a half a kilo of budgerigar". :))

  2. Haha! I want to say that next time :D
    Imagine then the owner would get a huge weighing scale for all the budgies to sit on ^^

  3. *Knows you're only half-joking* o_O