Friday, January 7, 2011

Budgies and Rain

Before I get to the story of one of the most amazing budgies that ever lived, I'll reveal one of the biggest miracles in Budgie World.

Even though budgies come from one of the driest parts of the world, they love rain. Or maybe it's just because of that!
Rain is their hope, their life and their strength. Without rain, they cannot start a family. Without rain, there would be no budgies.
Their love for rain goes on from generation to generation. Each time it rains, I can hear how my budgies are twittering happily, thanking the rain for coming to them.

That is why you can put your budgies' cage outside in the rain from time to time, but only when the outdoors temperature is warmer than 15°C - after you removed the limestone and food in their cage. You don't need to be afraid that your budgies will get a cold from this, just make sure they're safe outside (don't let them escape and don't let any cats or dogs come close) and get them back inside after 15 minutes. You will see how much your budgies enjoy these "rain showers", they'll be cleaning their feathers excitedly afterwards and be full of life! Also don't forget to put your feathered friends back inside a room without any drafts, so they can dry up quickly without getting cold.

Have fun!

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  1. I can just picture it now. Can't wait to do it ;)

  2. I have a baby budgie with his parents should I keep the cage inside during rain

  3. my budgies wre running around and they didn't like but i think it because thier old owners never let them outside

  4. My birds love it they're out in the rain right now! And when it doesn't rain I used the shower setting on the hose and give them a like shower. They love it so much!