Thursday, July 22, 2010

Male or female?

There's an easy way to find out whether your budgie is male or female.

Young male budgie's ceres are pink

Young male budgies have pinkish or lavender ceres, while the ceres of a young female budgie are often light blue.
Now, it gets more complicated... the ceres change while your budgie is growing up.

Green and blue male budgies have blue ceres. White, yellow and multicoloured male budgies often keep the pink-coloured ceres from their youth.
All female budgies from all colours get brown ceres. No exception there :)


  1. I'm bookmarking this for future reference ;) Thanks! <3

  2. Actually female ceres only go brown when they are in breeding condition.

    A Brown cere in a male is usually the result of a hormonal condition or testicular cancer.

    Albinos will always have pink ceres whether they are male or female.

    It is kind of complex!

    1. My soft grey female's cere turned blue after her babies started fledging the nest.....I thought that was odd. Do you know why this happened? It is still blue and the babies are now 30 plus days old.

  3. Complex and awesome at the same time! Thanks for telling me :)

  4. This is what I was searching all over the internet! And at last I got it!
    Thanks to this website

  5. I'm. Having a similar problem ! I think this white mostly -and baby blue underneath with charcoal markings on top is a female because she's getting hefty and lost quite a few strips on the forehead ; but mostly because the cere is a pinkish that at first looked a tad lavender and I thought would go more blue but now it's looking pinker , and also she jumped out of her cage one day when she was out of food , came into my bedroom and found something soft on the floor .. She nestled into it and just as comfy as could be and this budgie didn't care to budge ! Also , she's not as social , but quite adept at getting herself out of my hands but she isn't as quick at escaping me single handed in the cage ; she's full of herself as well , and content to sit in one spot most the time --she doesn't chirp as much as our first one did either --he was a blue cere and younger . Unfortunately my hubby left the door open while I was out and he flew out the door. I wanted him to be able to have fun flying about and land on us but I can see that I must clip the wings every 5 months or so .. Still, I want my bird to talk but they said hens won't. And if I pair them even the male then won't. But she's kinda boring staying in one spot and not chirping or playing with toys --other than that she's happy content and eats everything -another reason I'm sure a female. That make played with toys and sung alitand came out a lot. If I sprinkled the food outside on the rug then she would come out and feed there..( she can climb back up her ladder and is very adept at finding her way back --I take her out to pet her then allow her to flutter out of my gentle grasp ) it was funny when she came out to my room - I know she was looking for food and she fluttered up on the floor - pillow and chirped like mad ., trying to tell me she had no food and was hungry ! So I want to get a nest and a male for her --but I just want to be sure she's a she --also , can the make talk if he's mated?

  6. I mean male ( not make !) --this isn't allowing me to fix typing errors !

  7. Also ... If giving me advice , please email me at to alert me to check it out because I'm not use to coming to this website as I'm new !! I'd appreciate it !❤️🌸✨👹⚗🐬