Friday, July 23, 2010

Glowing Budgies

Photo: BBC News

Budgies have feathers on their cheeks and the crowns of their heads which reflect ultraviolet light. These ultraviolet pigments on budgerigar's feathers play a big role in their attractiveness to members of the opposite sex!

That means that budgies can see ultraviolet light. They have four types of colour sensing cells in their eyes, while humans only have three. These pigmented feathers appear very bright to a budgie, and the female budgies fall for it.

If you put a budgie under UV light, the invisible comes partially visible. Green budgies and yellow/lutino budgies will fluoresce in the dark. Blue and albino budgies, however, don't glow in the dark because they lack yellow pigment. That is why they are less likely to find a mate, unless they get the chance to be alone with a budgie (without any "competitors" around).

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  1. Budgies are indeed awesome :)

  2. Me too... too bad the landlady doesn't allow it :(

    Yes, they are awesome :D It's amazing how much personality and talent is hiding in a tiny bird's body!

  3. Right !! I just adopted my first budgie and he is flipping hilarious 😂 Just playful and silly, and a brat sometimes but only when he doesn't want to back in his cage. But training is going great as far as that only issue. I never thought I could fall so in love with a bird 😘